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Grace Owusu
58 y.o
United States of America, Bentonville, AR

Natalya Pashutina
14 y.o
Russia, Moscow

Pamela Everly
14 y.o
Philippines, Angeles

Marina khodes (lemis Khodes (Lemishenko)
30 y.o
Ukraine, Odessa

Rose Asiedu
28 y.o
Ghana, Accra

Ken Wojtseck
47 y.o
United States of America, Tucson, AZ

Lydia Nash
14 y.o
Ghana, Accra

Yuliya Koleboshina
31 y.o
Russia, Novosibirsk

Hamida Issaka
33 y.o
Ghana, Accra

Debbie BLUCK
31 y.o
United States of America, Erving, MA
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