Veronica Amoren

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First Name: Veronica
Location: Philippines, Cebu
Age: 20
Birth Date: 01-04-1994

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General (2)

Letter 1
Dear x,

Have a great and has a wonderful day to you and your family. And i hope you are always happy and have a good health especially your mother and father.

If you ask me thanks god we are all fine and doing well here. I am soo happy to hear from you appreciating to Ryannito about his smile. You and our son Ryannito have a killer smile.

Thank you for being kind and nice man. Me and our son Ryannito we are soo happy for a nice gift from you. Our son Ryannito like books if he saw book he wanted to see the pictures like animal photo he is happy.

Thank you my dear for a books you want to give me i am soo happy that. Please include some bibble i want to give to my father hehehehe. My dear here my complete address.

Veronica Amoren

BLK 20 lot 41 La Aldea Buena Mactan Subdivision,Timpoloc,Babag,Lapu-Lapu City 6015 Philippines.

I told our son Ryannito that he has a coming toys and clothes that came from his daddy x he give me a big smile and he show his face he is very excited.

My dear please include some picture for you because i wanted to show to my relatives here.

Wow you are so romantic guy imsure the cologne odor its very good odor like your character is very good. Im sure if me i smell that i love it and i like it.

Yes someday you and me and our son Ryannito we go to shopping and to the mountians we having a picnic there and enjoy sightseing.

Wow thank you my dear for the bouquet i am soo excited to receive it.

Thank you for lovely and cute photos that you sent me promise i will keep it and save in the computer.

Please tell your son Blake he is handsome like father.Me too also i am soo happy for them for having a good and seccess marriages life. Belated my congaratulation for them for thier wedding. Hope i can meet them.

Tell them they are welcome to come here in the Philippines if they would like to come and visit here in the Philippines.

My dear x sorry today i cannot send you my photos because our son Ryannito have a fever not feeling good. Sometimes his fever is gone but after few hours comeback but i always take him a medicine.

Hope tomorrow he feel better. And tomorrow i can send you the photos of mine and our son.

me too also my dear i am wishing that you has a wonderful day and always take good care and say hi hello to Blake and Cassandra.

extend my regards to your mother and father and im wishing thier good health.

God bless you all and more power to you my dear x.

Love and care,

Veronica Stanley

Letter 2
There is a woman that is a romance scammer that lives in lapu lapu,Philippines. She has asked me for money a lot of times to help her support her baby boy that is 1 year old. I sent her money to help her support her child and then one day she stopped writing me on Skype and her sister told me she was back with her ex boy friend again.She uses Skype and yahoo messenger.

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