Stephanie Woode

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First Name: Stephanie
Location: Ghana, Accra
Age: 35
Birth Date: 22-09-1979

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Letter 1
All letters, emails, and chats were of her love fore me, wanting to come to America and marry me. She stated she has an adopted son named Jerry that she wanted me to adopt and when her (so called) brother Richmond completed college he wanted to come to America, too. We chatted and emailed 5-6 times a day everyday.

Letter 2
Stephanie Woode and I have been communicating for nine months before i found out about her scam. First she needed money for computer for school; then money fro her aunt\\'s hospital stay; next she needed money for funeral expenses because her aunt died; then money because she was being evicted; next it was money because she had malaria. The hospital would not release her until she paid the bill. So far she is still in the hospital after 4 months and they won\\'t let er go. Now she is saying they called the police on her and she is going to get locked up if she does not pay her $2,000.00 bill. Her (so called) brother Richmond was in the picture as well, I communicated with him several times. I gave her about $100 over a 9 month period and refused to give her anymore. When I told he I knew she was not in the hospital, I never heard from her again.

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