Audrey Fleming

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First Name: Audrey
Location: South Africa, Pretoria
Age: 36
Birth Date: 19-03-1978

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Letter 1
This lady claims to come from a wealthy family. She is very good at what she does. The first time she was to come to me she was stopped in Amsterdam because of paper work issue. This net work even had a caller to confirm her flight issues and that they were sending her back . Second timeshewas stopped for carrying gold without taxes being paid sent her back. Then she cries about paying taxes on gold and could u help her. She uses the travel agent named Rotimi adegboye. This lady is good she even planned a wedding by her family to scam more money claiming she was now my wife. The story is very good nd well thought out. But I believe she has a network of help or a pimp. Either way please beware of audrey fleming she is a good scammer. I forgot about the fake inheritance check sent to me before she cam the second time. She is a good scammer very intelligent and well spoken. There will be thousands of photos and nudes to entice u beware she is a piece of trash.

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