Elena Kuznetsova

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First Name: Elena
Location: Russia, Novosibirsk
Age: 32
Birth Date: 29-01-1983

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Letter 1
Elena's letters were loving, poetic, pleading, but also pleasant, happy and in one sense also sad.Communicated via e mail for about six weeks. Said she was an only child living with parents. Then later in another e mail said she had a younger brother! Said she was a manager of a large shop. Father aged 58 years (retired). Mother aged 56 years, worked as music teacher. Said originally she was from small Russian town (Krasnoobsk, near Novosibirsk). Then later had e mails allegedly from Moscow saying she was on her way to see me, that she loved me and could not live with out me. Asked me to send her via Western Union/Moneygram $1295.00! When I declined and pointed out difficulties about visa/documents etc; this was ignored and further requests made for the money. Each e mail contained two or three explicit photos that she said were to please me and to show she had nothing to hide. In addition, she also sent me a copy of her passport. Eventually, informed me that she was forced to return home as she had no further money to stay in Moscow.

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