Abigail Mensah

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Scamming scenario : He/she sends pictures of Raven Riley, an American porn start! Check out her website or Facebook and you will find the pictures used by the scammer. The cafe he/she used/uses is on Kokomlemle Road, Accra, Ghana. He/she uses a faked webcam session to try to prove that he/she looks like the pictures sent to you. Don't be fooled! This is a RECORDING of a webcam session they had with Raven Riley. Try to be interactive with the webcaming session and you will notice they dont do anything they are asked to do. This scammer is very clever! Beware. hello i want everyone to know that abigail mensah is now goin by the name of aziz lalas.i found her as lamibrown her yahoo address is she is very good at getting you to send money for her internet and phone 011233244681785.she will probible change names and id again as i caught her in lies after lies .after awile she forget what she told me and if you ask questions about her she will not answer them please be careful as at first she is good then froget what she tell the person she is scamming name here is karl again be very careful as she got me for funds but i caught on very fast i have one letter if anyone want to read it send me your email address and i will send it with photos that she sent to me


First Name: Abigail
Location: Ghana, Accra
Age: 34
Birth Date: 01-01-1981

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