Ayisha Iliasu

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Scamming scenario : She contacted me on a page called Thai Lover Links on 28 / 9 2009, and I sent 900 euros to her, and had to send money to and arrange passports and visas. But then I went to the Danish embassy's website in Accra Ghana, there was something about the scams on the net, and the first page I went on, and so she was there, I then found her on so many pages about scams. So believe me she only steals your money, keep you far away from her.


First Name: Ayisha
Location: Ghana, Accra
Age: 38
Birth Date: 30-09-1976

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Letter 1
hello My Love These are my pics and i hope you will like them..I Love you soo Much Flemming and i want to be with you.Went To Internship was thinking of you and will be Nice if I was with you..I Love you soo Much...i love you Soo Much ..i Miss you Soo much My we went to Broadband and they taught us about accounting there as well..Love you soo Much and i Hope i will have your email later..Mum said hello to You..I Miss you soo Much..

hello My Love i really Miss you..i Just came back Home from Internship..I was Really happy..I Love you with all My Heart and i want to be with you soo badly..I was thinking about you when i was at Internship Today..We went to Mobile company and acted accounting There...Its been a Nice day with me..i Love you soo Much and i want to be with you soo badly,,i Love you and take care of your self..

hello my love..i reALLY miss you and i want to be with you soo badly...infact you make me happy always and i hope you have a nice apartment so we wil live..i miss you soo badly..i Love you and i hope u take care of your self..miss u

Hello My Love i Really Miss you and i want to be with you soo badly...Well I Hope you had a beautiful apartment.........I Love you soo Much and i cannot wait to be with you...i Love you soo Much and i cannot wait to Sit in The Truck with you and make love in the dark...I Love you and i Hope you Take care of your self..

Hello My Love I Miss you soo Much and incredibly Much..Went To church Today and prayed for us...I wish We were together So we could go to church together and when we are back from church sit in the truck together and drive in the dark and make love till day break kuk kuk..I was thinking of you whiles at Church..Wish i had a magical Powers That i can come to you..I Miss you soo Much and love you soo Much..You mean the world to me and without you My Life will be miserable.Take care My Love..

hello My Love...i Miss you So Much..The reason is that i went to a nearby cafe to scan out my pictures..whiles i did that...My pics was stolen by the Cafe i went to scan my pictures...many people were using it to scam..I swear to you that all that names are not me...I am Ayisha the Real Girl..I wanted you to know i am Real That's why i showed to you my Webcamera so you will see that surely i am a the real lady...When they started using my Pics..i was called by the Police and i explained..about 17 people were caught on That My Love and was announced everybody who uses my pics will be Jail..i knew this long time but diddnt want to tell you coz i think if i do i will Loose you That's why..So all Those using My pics out there stole it...Not me actually..This is the real me flemming as we see each other on Webcam...I hope you understand me.i Love you soo Much...

hello My Love..i Miss you soo Much and i want to be with you as soon as possible.Well I Scan about 75pics at the cafe My Love..All The pics i have scan is on My Computer and i dont have internet at Home to connect the Computer and send to you My Love...The Two Pics i sent to you..i have it in my mail already and i attache it to you My Love.. If you Really Love me trust me and uThat picture is Not me..i have never had this kind of Pic before..They edited it My Love..Its never menderstand me.....
Hello My Love what do you mean i have stabbed you with a liar at first...I have tell you the truth that the pics were stolen....Not my fault..They edited my pictures so sexy and all that kind ..But is Not real me..I am really sad now if you said i have stabbed you with a liar coz i dont remember when i stabbed you with a liar as well..i am soo confuse about all this and i dont know what to do...I am sad about 3 days now...I have explained to you and you must forget it and lets love each other...Remember we said lets be nice to each other..i havent lie to you and i have tell you the whole true as how my pics get on the net..I Love you soo Much and i want to be with you...remember we will make love in the dark at Dark...

hello My Love i told you that The pic is not me...They use my face to edit on that sexy pics..How many times do you want me to tell you...if you dont trust me is Ok..

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