Svitlana, or svetlana Kokushkina

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First Name: Svitlana, or svetlana
Location: Ukraine, Vinnytsya
Age: 38
Birth Date: 24-01-1977

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Letter 1
Scammer details:
Name: Svitlana (Svetlana) Kokushkina
City: Vinnitsa
Country: Ukraine
Postal Address: street Litvinenko 42/64
Vinnitsa, Ukraine 28018
Home Phone Number: ++3804325355665
Mobile Phone Number: ++380975714955 (has not computer; using Mail of agency)

A case of marriage dizziness by a Ukrainian woman

My Story

Unfortunately, I have been taken in September 2006, in the Ukraine (Vinnitsa) by a marriage swindler. She has added big emotional and financial damage to me.

Her name is Svitlana (Svetlana) Kokushkina, born 24th January, 1977. Resident in street Litvinenko 42/64, 28018 Vinnitsa, Ukraine - Passport No.: EC217782, personnel No.: 2814810606. (Copy of her passport enclosed).

Mrs. Kukushkina was introduced to me at the end of September, 2006 of Mrs. Elena Anatolivna Kugay (Kugai), Chernovola str. 10/2, 21001 Vinnitsa. At this time Mrs. Kugay acted as a representative of a German marriage agency (see picture) and I had to pay for her work/service in cash 500,- €. At that time, according to Mrs. Kugay, Mrs. Kokushkina was only recently interested in an acquaintance from abroad. And I would be the first foreign man.

My intentions were absolutely seriously and I have fallen honestly in love. I had the impression that also Mrs. Kokushkina felt real love for me. At that time she had also introduced directly her 8-year-old son Vladyslav to me (he was born 26.08.1998, Passport No.: DP012473). Her son took me also very friendly and emotionally.

My trust to Mrs. Kukushkina was so big that I made very early a money card available to her and she could use it if necessary (all account extracts are available). Also she has still received cash in my visit.

Already at the end of October, 2006 I have visited her again and have invited her to a visit me in Germany. She had got within the shortest time (within 1 day) a visa at the German embassy; this is true – I was there. As a result she has visited me at the end of November for 1 week only alone. In the end of 2006, it was New Year's Eves, she visited me again with her son. For Mrs. Kokushina had the common New Year's Eve party (see picture) as a family the highest symbolic value and she was sure to want to marry me and wanted to found a family with me. Also Mrs. Kugay wrote this many times.

For all activities from getting to know, I have carried the full costs. Also in the next time I have supported Mrs. Kokushkina financially, she has earned as a nurse only a little money. Also the arrangement of the documents necessary for the application for an exit visa should be cost-intensive. But already at the beginning of our acquaintance she has drawn the attention of me to the fact that it is a rule in the Ukraine that the advertising man "invests" just at the beginning a lot in his future woman. From this requests followed there over and over again for support (e.g., for a winter coat etc.) on which I also supported her. Her son needed clothes also…

However, from April, 2006 the contact to her was interrupted several times for weeks. I found out from Mrs. Kugay then sporadically that Mrs. Kokushkina is in the hospital (e.g., 6 weeks of hospitalisation in April / May, 07 with pneumonia???). Mrs. Kugay has written over and over again above high medical costs.

Later I had still planned with Mrs. Kokushkina a 2-week vacation in June / July, 07 in Turkey and had booked. This vacation should be a family vacation with her son and my daughter. But 3 days before my takeoff she wrote by sms that she must shift her journey for professional reasons and will come 1 week later. She arrived 1 week later. The vacation ran reserved and her grounds were, I am too distrustful to her towards. We remained in separate appartements. I went back therefore one week earlier than she. But I had the feeling that Mrs. Kokushkina would be the remaining time not only alone. During the last day her apartment-phone rang very often and she said always this call would not be for her….

At the beginning of August, 2007 she had supposedly a taxi accident and repeated hospitalisations. She was not to be reached again by telephone. Also here only information from Mrs. Kugay and the tip to high medical costs. To have, finally, clearness, I have flown on the 28th September, 2007 again in the Ukraine and have visited her. In Vinnitsa she has rented a flat for me, but far away from her own flat. When I arrived, no piece of bread, or waters was in the flat. However, I was the most time alone in this flat. Only in the afternoon I have seen her and her son. What remained, however, was always her continuous wish for presents and takeover of all costs. My repeated request, also to get to know her parents and also to see again her flat, led to a quick return journey on 1.10.07 to Kiev. In Kiev she had to go to be urgent check-up in a clinic. Supposedly results of the taxi accident. Special syringes were also necessary for her, which have been, however, only harmless homoeopathic products (picture).
During the day of my return (3.10.07) then her request whether I could support her financially by the necessary ocular operation, which should follow now. Her parents would be forced, to sell their own flat, so that she can pay the medical costs … Old story…

After my return home I have belonged by chance from a friend that Mrs. Kokushkina has a profile on the Internet at an agency. My search proved beside a German agency (for which Mrs. Kugay also works), also the information about the agency "Memselle" and the active profile of Mrs. Kokushkina. I have found out that Mrs. Kugay is owner of this marriage agency ( since 2001. Mrs. Kokushkina was listed in the Internet here already for approx.4 years!

Even if Mrs. Kugay wrote to me later that her "women" never have contact with 2 men at the same time, this is a lie. Under another name (Henry) I let write on the profile of Mrs. Kokushkina. An "affectionate" answer and the wish for a meeting have come very fast. Later I received by this new Henry-mailaccount still photo and also a new mobile phone No. from Mrs. Kokushkina. I have called her about the new mobile phone No., but I changed my voice. It was her voice on the phone. She wanted to get to know Henry and he should visit her. Now I had life the proof of her deceitful activities.

When I called her short time later on her old mobile phone, she has denied everything and has given me the whole guilt for the situation again. She would never have known about the fact that she is on the Internet and would never have called up other men. I have asked her to prove to me, that I was wrong. However, only other reproaches have always come. She was never guilty.

When I wanted to step in contact later again with her by telephone, she was not to be reached for me any more.

Mrs. Kokushkina has no own computer, but I am not sure. My last visit in her flat was last year. We were always in contact only about SMS, or telephone. Therefore, there is only little written available.

In my conviction, both women co-operate fraudulently. If Mrs. Kokushkina has again visit in the Ukraine, or visits even a man abroad, Mrs. Kugay informs about supposed hospitalisations. Also the common vacation in Turkey has been abused certainly thus. I am sure, in "her" second week Mrs. Kokushkina was not alone, because during my departure day obviously "my successor" wanted to reach her from the adoption, permanently by telephone.

This is a grievous story which has also introduced a very high financial damage in me beside this disappointment. In case of need I can make a listing of all costs I had. For all activities and issues I have kept, fortunately, the calculations, documents and also account extracts.

I think, this experience is enough for me and I will continue my search for an honest woman in Germany.

Many greetings

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