Mariya sometimes spelled mariay Kalabasheva

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First Name: Mariya sometimes spelled mariay
Location: Russia, Volzhsky
Age: 34
Birth Date: 01-01-1981

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Letter 1
> Hello! My name is Mariya. I live in Russia. I hope, that we shall find much in common between us. We can create friendship, and can even, something is more. My age is 26 years. I was never married, also I have no children. I dream to find loving person. That it respected with me and loved me. If you wish to find too the good woman for creation of romantic attitudes and families, you can write on my electronic box:
> I shall hope and wait your letter.
> Mariya.

Hello! I am pleasantly surprised, that you have answered my letter. You seem pleasant, I mean in dialogue, certainly as the person. I think, it will be interesting to us to communicate with you. By the nature I Am very sociable, cheerful and nice, it will be probable to learn interestingly to you about me. My name - Mariya. Personally very much I love me, my name. It loudly and gently. To me of 25 years. I was born in small city Volzhsk.
It is almost in the central part of Russia, in the east from Moscow. There very picturesque Places. My nationality Russian. My growth is 172 see At me there are no children. Possibly you will have questions why I wish to get acquainted on the Internet possibly many girls get acquainted on the Internet? Because here it is difficult to find the good guy, many guys do not wish to undergo the responsibility to receive family, children. Much like to drink. I not I approve such young men, and I am direct do not take alcoholic drinks. I write to you From the Internet of cafe. I think that you wish to ask too to me questions, I with pleasure shall answer your letters.


I have entered again have come to the Internet-cafe to look the message from you, I have been pleasantly surprised, to which you have answered on me. I did not write to you about family. I have mum, her name is Nataliya. It works as the teacher of 1-3 classes. My mum works above school of 26 years. My daddy has died 2 years ago, it was greater to mountain for our family, it worked as the driver of a van, it is such big lorry. It has made business trip to Moscow. Moscow from Us of 750 km. I till now feel as though the father looks for us from heavens, it as though with us.
I have sister Marina. It married in it to year, it has small son Igor, its age 3 years. We very amicable with the sister, and we often see and communicate. Today I went on the market after work, have bought products. I wish to make for a supper vegetable salad and the hen in own juice. I like to cook I food. I like vegetables, fruit, the hen, and many other things. What meal is pleasant to you?
With love Mariya.

Hello! I am glad to receive and read your letter again! How has passed your day? I Hope, that at you all is good, and you do not disturb what problems. At me all is excellent, the truth on work again was difficult day, therefore it was necessary later than to go to the Internet of cafe usually. I went with reliable, that you have written to me, and were very glad when have seen your letter! You Know with each your new letter I start to understand, that you to me are very dear, not only as the interlocutor but also as the man. Believe to me very interestingly and pleasantly with you to communicate!

I went to travel agency to specify cost of a trip. To me have informed, that it will cost approximately 12000 roubles. I was little bit sad, I did not expect, that it will be so dearly. I would like to learn from you, whether you are ready to help me with this situation with money. It is very important to me to know your opinion on it.

I learned as I can receive money from other country. To me have advised to use service " Western Union ". My data will be necessary for you:

My name: Mariya.

My surname: Kalabasheva.

My address: Russia, republic Mari El, city Volzhsk, street Sverdlova, number of the house 15, number of an apartment 8.

I with impatience shall wait for your answer.

My kisses.


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