Agnes fiedler

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First Name: Agnes
Location: Ghana, Kumasi
Age: 34
Birth Date: 02-04-1980

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she wanted 400 euros after the 3 day to pay for her internet i new she was i scammer from day one i just play the game to get hi or her to come on the webcam and microphone skype thebdid put i frame on the webcam same FACE as the photos 4 sec frozen i ask her to come on i have to pay for the internet i said 100 dollars the said no 400 euros i said i want to see some photos i got 3 in sec i said i want to see you on the webcam i ts my fathers computer you can send me i lap top iff you love me i play the game post box country ghana west africa city kumasi zip code 00233 agnes fiedler or kennedy fiedler father

about agnes fiedler she found me on skype agnes.fiedler 1or agnes.fiedler 2skype tyre,lebanon i dit not get scam i kept her or he for 3 weeks play the game to till i said i new she was i scammer i got 64 e/mail adresses off hear or hi name of he is eric his mobile is below+mobileno +961408770861i got over 200 photo of her she also goes under

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