Mercedita reyes Tegio

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First Name: Mercedita reyes
Location: Philippines, Other
Age: 34
Birth Date: 01-01-1981

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mercy tegio (6/30/2008 5:08:44 PM): i am almost finish in raising the $800.. i am not using the phone anymore.. i kept it in it's box so it wont be so used..i just want to know if there is any ways i can send it to you? i really dont want to go to dubai.



(7/5/2008 10:04:24 AM): I will wait to hear from you with your mobile number and I hope nor more excuses
mercy tegio (7/5/2008 4:27:07 PM): no... i want to return it right in your face. no more excuses.
mercy tegio (7/5/2008 4:28:03 PM): and no more talking after i return it to you.
mercy tegio (7/5/2008 4:45:13 PM): u just wait..... i am already making the arrangement. just make sure u will see me once i am there. i am just praying there will be no problems with my papers.i cant go to saudi since i dont know where you are located, and i know i will not be allowed to see men in that dubai is the only place i can go..
mercy tegio (7/5/2008 4:48:54 PM): i dont want any of your dummies to see me if that is what you are going to do again. enough to call that i used u as a gninea pig for joseph. if you want u can go here directly or if you have any idea of how i can pay that... just tell me, not stupid not knowing how reality works. and not knowing what you really wanted.
mercy tegio (7/5/2008 4:50:21 PM): AND I AM SERIOUS... just tell me how do u want me to pay for it.

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