Linda Danquah

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First Name: Linda
Location: Ghana, Accra
Age: 34
Birth Date: 01-01-1981

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Letter 1
I was corresponding with a woman called Linda Danquah, ( I notice looking through the scam list , she is listed at least 12 times under different names and profiles )
I must admit she was very good, she outlined an elaborate story. I feel foolish to say I feel for it. One of her best, included, her inheriting a fortune from her grandfather, she just need money to clear the outstanding account etc. Then she would come to me, and we would live happily ever after.
Over a period of time she sent many many pictures, some very explicite nude photos.
Of course , she declared her undieing love.
She often made mention of God, and interspersed God, regularly into her inarticulate sentences.
She also has a habit of signing off with love from Linda (then uses your last name )

This is one piece of work, she is very good at deceit and lies.
Fellows be aware, hope you don't fall into the same trap as I did

Darling ..i have really miss you ..are there for a chat

whats happening sweety ..i love and really miss you with all my heart ...

need you to come and service me now ...dear how i wish i can be in bed with you darling as i always feels lonely on bed darling you with all my heart xxx ..

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