Mary Danquah

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First Name: Mary
Location: Ghana, Accra
Age: 29
Birth Date: 01-10-1985

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Letter 1
I was on another site when she contacted me, pretty much the same scenerio she / he has used on other guys.
Fell madly in love after about 40 minutes. Used the old religious trick claiming to be a committed Christian , wanting to meet a good Christian man.
Has a very basic grasp of the English language, a lot of the sentences didn't make sense. But seems to have a big network behind her, as she forwarded documents that later proved to be fraulent.
As I previously mentioned, she/he uses pictures from Lana Brooke the porn star

this scammer uses the pictures of Lana Brooke, a porn star. To verify simply google Lana Brooke.
She uses many different names on many different sites, at last count she appeared on 6 overseas sites under at least 60 different names.
Although clearly uneducated, she is very good at this scam. ( I keep referring to this scammer as a she, when in actual fact it is probably a guy running this scam)

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