Roxanna Patton

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E-mail : roxy


First Name: Roxanna
Location: Ghana, Accra
Age: 29
Birth Date: 27-09-1985

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Letter 1
I tried to send photo sent to me from Australian embassy showing scammers at work in a call centre environment , the photo was too small,

I can also send correspondence from the embassy.

Like most of men on this list , I have been scammed. Unfortunately I realise my money is long gone.
But through exhaustive research I have been able to unearth a few things that may help people in the future.
I have contacted numerous authorites, government , police etc. The overwhelming response is that there is very little that can be done.The response from the embassy indicated the local government is fully aware of the scamming situation, and is reluctant to act ( draw your own conclusions)
In regards to most of the women who appear on the scammers list, they are mostly porn stars or models.
for example two of the most prolific women on this scammers list are both porn stars, view Raven Riley and the woman in this photo Lana Brooke on google.
So it is pointless addressing your anger towards these women as they too , are unaware their photos and identities are being defamed by these immoral scammers.
I received a photo (included ) and correspondence from the Australian embassy telling me these scammers have been in operation for over twenty years. the photo shows men at a call centre, reading scripts and impersonating women.
This is obviously a sophisicated operation, and hopefully their day of reckoning is fast approaching

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