Mar Dickson

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First Name: Mar
Location: Ghana, Accra
Age: 35
Birth Date: 11-10-1979

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Letter 1
Mar approached me on Yahoo Messenger........followed the same senerio, that I have found All the women in Africa have , and that is she fell in Love with me in three days................she seemed very interested.......
.was told to check Your Site by a friend....and found that the was supposedly a Scammer......
I told her that her Photos were here...She got upset ..stated that someone stole them and was using them, without her knowing.she explained that She had Lived in Belgium with her Father but since he remarried ..her and his new wife didn't get along ...that's why she moved to Ghana.
We had talked about her coming here.........I told her to check and see what a flight would costs.....she stated $800.00 Meanwhile I checked.and it was $1500.00..............she wanted me to wire the money .I insisted that if I could afford it it would be an e-ticket....Finally I said I didn't have thing. was the Meds ..she needed the money for that because My telling her that she was on the Scammer list put her in the Hospital....after that I finally found out she supposed to have had Malaria...all this time she's writing Brian Wright..............

She kept wanting money for the internet service..I refused to send her the money....Gave Brian her Email Address ..And She threatened we confirmed that she knew him and was a SCAMMER!!...

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