Rebecca Asantewaa

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First Name: Rebecca
Location: Ghana, Accra
Age: 31
Birth Date: 01-01-1984

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Letter 1
she was on she doesnt want money first. she is very clever. the girl have more names. i can see in this list.:blessing okok, emelia ken, kelly weisse, stefanie melo, roby, crace. in her hompage,, lives she in canada. she says, she live in a hotel in accra. her hotelmanager, benson salmafo becomes from her 1500 euro. she whants only money for renew her passport, for the medical report and for a ticket. but she buy a ticket that was wrong. the plane lands in hamburg but this flys everday land in frankfurt.

this girl have many names. she write me with the name rebecca asantewaa. you can she see in with the name josie. she have a homepage she is very clever. but her flyticket was wrong. she says she have gold from her father, he is dead. and when shes married she become the gold from her stepmum.

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